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2X better returns than Fixed Deposit (FD)

With RingMoney's investment recommendations, we have been able to consistently deliver higher returns than the conventional investment options

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Customised across Investment Horizon

RingMoney's Investment officers arrive at the most appropriate bouquet of financial products to suite your needs in an effective way

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BSE and AMFI registered investment platform using best-in-class encryption and security techniques, yet keeps the process simpler than the simplest

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Exponential growth in our clients, thanks to the satisfied RingMoney family members and their confidence in our ability to perform consistently

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Tailor-made Investment Opportunities
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Future Innovators Global Fund

Invest in Global companies driven by Disruptive Technologies

Minimum Investment $500
Expected Return 12% to 20%

Consumer Lending via Merchant

Small Investments.. fixed non-market linked returns

Minimum Investment Rs.10,000
High Liquidity (withdrawable within a day)

Asset Backed Financing

Attractive pre-tax fixed returns secured by strong collateral

Minimum Investment Rs.20,000
Monthly Cashflow & Returns upto 21% p.a

Pharma Mutual Funds

Includes companies with 100%+ returns in last one year

Minimum Investment Rs.1000
High Return & Liquidity

Higher Guaranteed Returns

Aim for higher than normal Guaranteed Returns

Minimum Investment Rs.10,000
Expected Returns 6% to 8%

Digital Commercial Real Estate

Invest in a pool and own a pie of real estate projects digitally

Min. Investment Rs. 25 Lac
Rental Yield (7-8%) + Price Appreciation

Cover Life's Uncertainities

Term Insurance and Health Insurance for life's unpredictabilities

Start with as low as Rs.10 per day
Get secured upto 99 years

Govt. Backed Securities

Invest your funds and be rest assured with faith of GOI

Sovereign Gold Bonds(SGB),
Centre/State/RBI Bonds, RBI bonds and NPS

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98% of customers say moving to ringmoney was the best decision they made

Nitin Goel
Enterpreneur/Business Owner
Investment Solutions Customised for Specific Needs

My RingMoney officer is well qualified and his ability to understand and advice across asset classes, including new-age products like global and start-up investing, virtually made him my investment manager. His clarity about tax implications of various investment products provides considerable assistance during tax planning. Good that I started my investment planning with RingMoney. Great going Team RM

Amit Singh Thakur
Software Professional at TCS, Sweden
Products across Investment Spectrum for Effective Diversification

I was always concerned about stability and growth of my investment portfolio, till the time I started interacting with Team RingMoney. Initially, my investments were tilted towards equity. But over last few months, I started appreciating RingMoney's product offerings as well as depth of understanding of financial products to create a bouquet of investments that best suits my requirements. Kudos Team RM..

Niranjan Lal Jain
Retired from PSU
Safe and good returns

I was looking for conservative investment options like Senior citizen saving scheme, Bank FDs etc to park my Retirement Corpus and fund my retirement planning. But, when I had a detailed discussion with my RingMoney officer, he made me aware about growth oriented safe investments that comfortably beat inflation, keeping the money safe. Thanks Team RM for the timely and effective advise..

Diksha Jaiswal
Home Maker
Growth Oriented Fixed Return Investments

I don't have my own income and try to stretch every rupee from my household budget. But, I always believed saving money is as good as earning. Icing on the cake - Investment advise I started receiving from RingMoney Investment officer helped me grow my money while keeping it safe through Fixed Return Investments in Lease financing, Corporate FD and Gold funds

Sudhanshu Garg
SVP with Big 4
New-age Investment Products

Looking at the multiple new age investment products that keep flooding the market every now and then, I never got comfort for my investment portfolio, even after being a part of financial ecosystem. However, portfolio discussions with RM officer gave me the comfort that I was always looking for. Thanks Team RingMoney

Vandana Mittal
Woman Entrepreneur/ Working Woman
2x Returns Compared to FD

As a working woman, managing my household and kids alongside pursuing my job always remained my top priorities. Time is scarce and making informed financial decisions as well as keeping a track of them was suffering inevitably. I started using RingMoney services and looking at my investment portfolio performance last year, I have left all my investment decisions to Team RM.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can invest through RingMoney App/website as we have completely online/digital process for making investments. If you come across any issue, please feel free to contact RingMoney investment officer at +91-8377003175

We are registered with Association of Mutual Funds of India (AMFI) and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE Star MF)

Yes, we have few products which provide fixed returns. However, for making higher than normal returns, RingMoney offers some products which does not provide 100% fixed returns. Here, RingMoney team’s target is to provide double digit returns to investors in long run.

Yes, your money gets directly invested with particular mutual fund (AMC) and RingMoney doesn't hold the invested amount, it is an investment platform and investment details/new purchase/redemption can also be made from individual AMC websites

Generally, it takes 2 to 3 working days to show your investment on app/website.

RingMoney is changing the way people used to make investment decisions. With 10+ Investment Products, having carefully picked after thorough analysis by CFA Chartholders and IITians as well as Investment Advise extended after thorough discussion to understand client requirements, RingMoney has primarily been able to differentiate itself from the competition supporting below parameters

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